Tinubu Weeps As Buhari Receives Award For The Worst Government In the History of Nigeria

Tinubu Weeps As Buhari Receives Award For The Worst Government In the History of Nigeria
Truth has fallen in the street of this misguided Buhari administration; so much so that abject failure has been camouflaged as its triumph.
It is amusing, if not very disturbing, to see the number of people the Buhari administration has brought out of the woodwork to sing its praises on this its one-year anniversary. Having arrested key spokespersons of the opposition, intimidated the press into silence, threatened the judiciary, and even arrested its non-politician critics, such as Olu Adegboruwa, on trumped up charges, the government has become confident that it has a free pass to feed Nigerians with lies about its woeful performance in office.
Having won a “famous” election by telling Nigerians a tissue of lies which it then repudiated on assuming office, the government continues to believe it can also govern just by continuing to tell lies. Thus, assessing his performance in office over the past one year, the president even went as far as to boast that it has been “a year of triumph.” This shows conclusively that truth has fallen in the street of this misguided Buhari administration; so much so that abject failure has been camouflaged as its triumph.
Deceitful election campaign
In all my years of living in Nigeria, I can say, along with the overwhelming majority of Nigerians, that we have never had it so bad. Only one thing explains the extremities of Nigeria’s miserable predicament today: we have in office a government so singularly inept and incompetent, it has triumphed in making a bad situation so much worse.
In an article last year entitled: “Why Nigerians Must Reject the Second-Coming of Buhari,” I made this observation after listening to Buhari’s vapid campaign speeches:
“It is amazing that, for a man who is running for election as president for a marathon fourth time, Buhari is so bereft of ideas as to how he would do anything if he were to become president. No man becomes president of Nigeria on the basis of vain platitudes. No man becomes president as a result of social media blogs and sound-bites. No man becomes president by giving two-minute speeches in craftily-packaged rallies, one minute of which is spent introducing his entourage.”
However, many Nigerians refused to heed our warning. Now the chickens have come to roost.
Inaugural mumbo-jumbo
After listening to President Buhari’s inaugural speech in May 2015, I also had this to say in an article entitled: “Is President Buhari Born Again?”:
“Buhari has been running for president for the last 14 years. Nevertheless, listening to his inaugural speech, it is clear he does not have a clue what exactly to do when in office. Either the APC never really believed it would win the election, or it was too preoccupied with winning to pay sufficient attention to what it would do in the unlikely event that it won.”
Of course, Buhari apologists promptly came to his defence. They claimed it was too early to make such assessment. Let the man settle down.
Baba Do-Nothing
The first 100 days of a new administration provides the best opportunity to proclaim giant strides and pass difficult legislation because it is still the honeymoon period. But our man Buhari squandered this opportunity by doing absolutely nothing. At his 100 days inaugural, I had this assessment:
“After 100 days, it should now be abundantly clear that Buhari is not qualified to be president of 21st century Nigeria. The president has neither agenda nor direction. His cardinal objective is apparently the prosecution of Northern hegemony. The APC desperately needs to organise an intervention, before Buhari drives the country into the ditch. It is time to admit it. Electing Buhari as president was a big national blunder.”
Again, the paid chorus-singers jumped to the president’s defence. They insisted again that 100 days is not enough to make an adequate assessment of a president’s agenda or direction. Buhari still needed to be given more time.
Buhari wasted seven months to choose the members of his cabinet, receiving in the process the ignominy of being nicknamed “Baba Go-Slow.” He promised Nigerians his ministers would be unimpeachable saints and angels. But when the time finally came, they turned out to be the same old and tired politicians, some with serious allegations of corruption hanging over their heads. In an uncharacteristic moment of clarity, Buhari himself castigated them as “noise-makers.” In office, they have been singularly unimpressive without exception.
Abubakar Malami, the Minister of Justice, dropped a fictitious bombshell by declaring that the EFCC has recovered 2 trillion dollars of stolen loot. The Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, dazzled our credibility by saying his ministry has the capacity to generate about 3.4 million jobs in 2016 alone through pencil production. Lai Mohammed, another of the government’s bamboozlers, said the government would use the N1.4 trillion in the TSA as Father Christmas handouts for Nigeria’s poorest 20 million. This kind of blatantly false hot air has become the stock-in-trade of this APC government.

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