Please can you compare the following... Under GEJ

Please can you compare the following...
Under GEJ,
1. the price of crude oil fell to $54, he reduced the price of refined oil from 97 naira to 87.
2. The price of Crude oil for mono economy reduced internationally and highest ceiling for forex was 196 naira to $1
3. The FDI remained very high despite fall in price of crude oil under GEJ
4. A mono economy under GEJ reduced the food import bill from over 1.6 trillion naira to 6B naira.
5. A mono economy started assembling cars for the first time after a very long time. In addition, first indigenous car manufacturing plant was setup under GEJ.
6. Mono economy grew our pension fund from 250B deficit to 4.1T naira by the time he left
7. corruption fight was inclusive and methodical as instrument of IT was used in the fight (IT tools are blind to tribe, religion, and political affiliations)- thus, IPPIS, GIFMS, E-Wallet, PVC & Card Reader, BVN & Cashless policy, TSA we used and tremendous achievements were recorded. In addition, vigorous implementation of National Identity card system was done by GEJ.
Contrast Under Buhari
1. Nigeria lost their no1 economic status just less than one of ineffective governance
2. Price of crude fell to less than $50 and the government increased the price of refined fuel to 145 naira
3. For the first time, Nigeria recorded ZERO MW
4. The price of food items skyrocketed
5. According to Finance minister GEJ budgeted 19B naira for roads under one year (we all felt its impact), yet, a government that have released above 74B naira can not point to any single road or contractor that was paid (transparency have gone with the wind)
6.Recruitment are done over the internet without real Nigeria being shortlisted for real vacant position as such positions are never advertised but rather filled through nepotism.
7. Corruption fight is selective
8. Buhari is no longer talking about National Id can government plan when it does not have details of its citizens.
9. Elections are now inconclusive
10. Under clueless administration of Buhari, naira is now 292 to a dollar at official rate while parallel market is above 365.

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