A Nigeria without oil is a Somalia raised to power 10 in the making.

A Nigeria without oil is a Somalia raised to power 10 in the making. Don't you ever dare say that "many countries are doing well without oil" and take that to mean that Nigeria would be the same. . . . . . Nigeria(as at up till the end of 2012) is not built like that....GEJ is only starting now to try to diversify the economy...An economy that had been built to be 99.99% dependent on that liquid gold.... If the taps turn off....this whole geographic expression will become the biggest refugee zone the world has ever experienced before you can say "Jack Robinson" so don't ever dare say ....many countries are doing well without the oil. and take that to mean Nigeria would be one of them..cos even if that statement is true....you have to understand that Nigeria is unlike any of those countries in your analysis span.
Or will you go to war with the SSerners this time to kill them all for their oil the way your evil tribe and your cohorts from the North did the Igbos into this entrapment called Nigeria because numbers/population used to be the "gold" of economies in the past...?The "One big market?" which encouraged producers within a country to find consumers within it first before looking outside. You and I know that this is a major failure in this part of the world because our local industries have been killed with turn after turn of Hausa Fulani governments with no sense of direction. We produce nothing, we consume what other parts of the world produce....Nigeria is a big time failure.....
You should say thank you to GEJ for starting a revolution of diversifying the Nigerian economy and encouraging local manufacturers. GEJ is nonviolently doing what Awolowo could not do with his very violent and forceful approach.
If you were joking; stop it. If you were sleeping; wake up....One Nigeria is only an expression used by those who are in it for the oil..... Once the oil dries up.....Then you will understand that "one Nigeria" is just a term used by people who are just thirsty for the oil......
You will know that One Nigeria is coming to an end when the oil wells start to dry up or the landlords close it and those Northerners today who own oil wells start to sell their wells very cheap.

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