Three major changes to the American monetary system have occurred over past 100 years.

Three major changes to the American monetary system have occurred over past 100 years. The first change was the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. The second was going off the personal gold standard in 1933. The third was going off the national gold standard in '71 and onto the petrodollar, an extortion racket concocted by Kissinger forcing Saudi Arabia to sell oil for dollars. We would give the oil producing countries military protection if they obeyed, but kill them if they didn't. Does Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi ring a bell?
The goal of the petrodollar was to keep the dollar as the world reserve currency. The "Power" that has the reserve currency gets to print money in exchange for real goods. That's why our stores are filled with cheap goods even though we don't produce anything in exchange. And that's why prices would shoot up if the petrodollar was replaced.
We're now at a point where the monetary system is going to change again. But this time the Jews are supposedly not in control. The game changer was launched last month by the "BRICS" by creating a rival to the IMF and World Bank, (Jewish apparatuses of financial AND political control) The new game in town is the BRICS "New Development Bank" and it WILL change the way the world works.
Putin told reporters: "The international monetary system depends on the U.S dollar, to be precise on the monetary policy of U.S authorities. BRICS wants to change this."
These are fighting words. For the Yuan, the Rupee, and the Ruble will start replacing the dollar as the world reserve currency. Countries won't need dollars to buy oil anymore. And developing countries like Ukraine won't need to borrow money from the Fed and IMF. They can borrow it from the New Development Bank and at much better terms.
The IMF is a death trap it only lends for speculation, take-overs, and control...but the BRICS, to develop infrastructure and cooperation between nations. That's their stated goal.
How does this affect the average American? This transition from one currency--the dollar--to multiple currencies will turn Walmart into a Neiman Marcus. Prices will soar and what remains of American productivity, especially agriculture, will export goods chasing stable currencies. This will cause fewer goods produced here available to Americans and scarcity will SKYROCKET.
And do you think sanctions against Russia are really because of 'Russian aggression?' Not a chance. The sanctions are desperate response to the threat posed by the New Development Bank to the dollar reserve currency. No sooner was the bank announced, the stooge regime in Kiev shot down the plane; the demonizing of Putin went into high gear; and sanctions were ramped up.
Sanctions are so effective because the dollar is the dominant currency in which all trade occurs. When we impose sanctions on a company, that means that they cannot have access to US financial institutions, to US businesses or really to trade in the dollar. Businesses in America and Germany opposed these sanctions. If the New World Order is just a 'corporatocracy' then the business men would have prevailed. But the quick marshaling of American and European sanctions--even though against their business interests--shows the existence of a supranational, global governance that supersedes 'corporatocracy.' And it shows the character of that global governance is more political than it is commercial it's about who controls the world.
Who do we know that fits this description and can enforce a sudden global reversal of policy? The International Jewish Money Power, that's who. And Jacob Lew and David Cohen of the US treasury act in behalf of that Power. Washington is not "stupid," as Paul Craig Roberts says, it's sinister. It's a tool of international corruption whose current monetary system is fated to hit the skids. The BRICS New Development Bank has fired the first shot.

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