Abracadabra! Suddenly, night has become day, and day has become night in our wonderful Nigeria. And who's talking now?

Abracadabra! Suddenly, night has become day, and day has become night in our wonderful Nigeria. And who's talking now? Alhaji Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, but little too late. Stunt number one: "Muhammadu Buhari escapes bomb blast, aids injured". Stunt number two: "IBB flays attack on Buhari, says this bloodletting must stop". Stunt number three, may be, Boko Haram claims responsibility for the abortive assassination attempt on the life of the APC leader, Alhaji Muhammadu Buhari, but who knows when Boko Haram video will surface?

However, have you heard from Alhaji Adamu Ciroma, the Sultan of Sokoto, Abubakar Abdul Salami, Emir Sanusi, Alhaji Lawal Keita, Dr. Junaid Ahmed, Professors: Ango Abdulahi and Yadudu, comment on "Buhari's assassination attempt", or what IBB has characterized as, "...callous and inhuman for anyone to goad this country on the path of perfidy, a path that is laid with landmines and bombs, ..., and this is totally unacceptable?" No. Why? Because the leaked chatters have unleashed palpable fears all over the Northern Protectorate of Nigeria. But lamentably, no amount of self-confession nor self-glorification will exonerate IBB, Buhari, and the aforementioned Northerners for their initial dead silence concerning Boko Haram. As you make your bed, so you must lie on it. Core-North released poisonous snakes to attack their perceived enemies, and forget that the poisonous snakes must return home after mission accomplish. For core-North, this is the time to take stock, and the power (s) to crush Boko Haram is in the hands of Northerners for the Monster they have created.

Now, let's backup a bit, where does the APC go from here, or what does the APC do now in its conceptualized scheme to use planted EIDs as decoys and launder its battered image and that of its notorious chieftains who either remote Boko Haram activities from behind the scenes, or applauded BH bomb blasts in the past? Well, let's keep our fingers cross. But so far, from "Jonathan trained snipers to eliminate prominent Nigerians", "5 nPDP defecting Governors", "ex-CBN Governor-Sanusi's imaginary missing $48.9 billion from NNPC accounts", "Abducted 200+ secondary school girls of Chibok, Borno State", and up to "Buhari's Assassination Attempt", the Nigeria-ship under Jonathan's captaincy has not capsized yet, it remains smooth-sailing for GEJ. God does not sleep. Truly, God performs wonders.

Finally, at this juncture, hope the Boko Haram boomerang will serve as an awakening to core-Northerners and their Southern proxies, that nobody can use mischief, terrorism nor stunt to hijack or hold Nigeria hostage. There are 167 million Nigerian citizens as equal stakeholders, and no ordained group of persons nor super- powerful ethnic group can lord anything over others in Nigeria. Nigeria belongs to every Nigerian citizen, and so shall we part-take in its leadership. North has ruled Nigeria since Kingdom come, therefore, North must wait for Nigeria's apex-leadership to oscillate to other equal stakeholders down South before it contemplates any quests for the presidency of Nigeria, and that's what is called fairness. Southwest, BEWARE of that.

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