Back in 1976 this nurse was aspiring to be a comedian, it seems like. She was 19. She is 57 now

Back in 1976 this nurse was aspiring to be a comedian, it seems like. She was 19. She is 57 now. 1976 to 2014. This many years, decades, to say she was supposedly raped by Bill? After 38 years, nearly 40 years later? To accuse him of rape? Something doesn't seems right here. If she really was truly raped by Bill, then why continue to have a friendship with him from time to time up 1996? From 1976 to 1996, 2 decades of having a friendship with someone who supposedly raped you doesn't seem feasible. Women who have been raped by someone, normally hate that person and do not what to see that person ever again. They want nothing to do with that person, so to continue to see him through out the years and still having sex with Bill, is very suspicious on her part. It seems as if she just wants money from Bill or ruin his comeback. Perhaps she and all the other women are trying to discredit Bill and ruin his good reputation and good name. Seems funny all these women raped and or sexually abused or forced to do sexual acts for Bill, but didn't ever really file a formal complaint. Some police reports might have been filed, but these women did not really follow through. A woman who has really been raped will not settle out of court, she would fight for justice knowing she is right and has the law on her side(usually). She would not be friends with her rapist, nor take money from him either. This entire ordeal seems very hollow. Besides nearly 4 decades later and now raising this supposed rape and other so called rape(s) through out the years just makes her, the other women and this entire situation seems as if it's about money, discrediting Bill, ruining his comeback, ruining his good name and ruining his good image. Sounds like someone or some people are trying to get Bill Cosby for something. Trying to ruin his good reputation.

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