The fallacy of sweet-sounding words, phrases and terminologies. Don't be swayed and mesmerized!

The fallacy of sweet-sounding words, phrases and terminologies. Don't be swayed and mesmerised!

Let no man preach forgiveness to you. Worst of all the same one who has oppressed, exploited, enslaved, tortured, murdered and killed you and your kind and destroyed your history, cultures, homes and lands.

How be it that such a man then gives you a slave tool called a religion, some fancy words and quotes and tells you to forgive your enemy so that the god he cage you would also forgive you and you foolishly tag along with them?

They use fancy words to mesmerise you and rather than reason deeper before taking this hook-line-sinker you jump on their ships like a couple of dalmatians and wag your tails.

They tell you - An eye for an eye leaves the world blind - Well, GOOD at least it leaves everyone equal on that level - Equality is the KEY here!

A man can't take out your eye or both and then tell you to forgive, or you can't have lost an eye or both and then sing about forgiveness, tolerance, peace etc. You must be the biggest fool of all time to do so!ª Rather than sing about those fancy words, SEEK EQUALITY! Let you and your oppressor- the man who has taken out your eyes be equal, so he can't oppress you any more.

It's no knowledge that a man with both eyes is more functional than one with both eyes, with everything being standard. So how then do you sit around content in your one eyedness or total blindness while your oppressor roams around with both eyes and tells you to get up, dust yourself up and move on?

There you are with one eye or no eyes and your oppressor has both. He keeps oppressing you and you keep forgiving the oppressor has got a 500 year head start on you, in which he stole your kind, robbed your lands and destroyed them, looted your labour and resources and for some reason 500years later you assume you are on the same level playing field. How could you have been so foolish?

He has given you that illusion of some god forgiving you and coming to your rescue, hence he oppresses you continually while you suffer-long, sing wishful songs, gather together aimlessly praying and wishful thinking while you take his brutal raping laid down and forgiving him!
Your oppressor oppressed you, he saw nothing wrong with in looting your lands, murdering your kind, killing your kindred, exploiting and looting your resources, destroying your cultures and homes and enslaving your people for centuries, for centuries!

He saw NOTHING in his brutality, evil, callousness, crimes and Holocaust against you and your kind and for some reason now he has turned a new leaf over night, turned the tables around and playing the victim and telling you to forgive while he continually oppresses you!He calls you the ''bitter black man/woman'' simply because you have stood up to speak up and demand justice and fighting for freedom and not to be tagged ''bitter', ''racist'', ''hateful'' you crawl back into your holes and continue get raped by this same oppressor of yours!

How blind could you have been?
How blind are you?

And here you are telling us to forgive, tolerate, love, smile, forget, move on. Forgive who?
Forgive while we still remain oppressed? While the foundation of the system, that brought about the injustice and evil remains?

Some of you have even bought into the foolish idea that you and your masters are now playing on a level field. Really?


Hence you assume that our conditions as Africans in Africa and in the Diaspora are down to simply our own works.
Well, you are right on the latter, it is done to our works, our works have dragged down us this road and that work is the stupid assumption of the former part of the assumption above - the assumption that we are somehow now playing on a level field. That is the work that has kept us in this condition!That is where they want you and that is where that have had you, because of your failure to reason and your lack of courage to call a spade a spade.

Some even astonishingly tell us to get over it. Saying earlier Africans also enslaved Europeans - I won't even get to that debate as it's useless for now, the tell us that it is karma and all that crap. Well, if you want to go by that saying what every goes around comes around, then that cycle better be turning now, it's been over 500 years it last turned and I'm getting sick of it. So get that karma crap out and working, 500 years is quite enough for it to start turning!!It seems to have been dormant for over 5 centuries, get it out, oil it up and let the spinning begin.. Ohh I can't wait!!

Let us see Africa enslave Europe for 500 years and control the world and then we can see how easy it is to say - Get up, dust yourselves up, pull your boot straps and move on, get over it!- Oh I can't wait!

Not just some group churning and throwing around fancy words, phrases, terminologies, charts, development programs, aids etc WHILE THE CORE FOUNDATION OD THE SYSTEM HASN'T CHANGED ONE BIT! And why would it?

Why would the successful robber cum police man and leader now want to give that up?
Why would he want to stop getting free/cheap labour and resources?
Why would he now reckon you he once called animals for centuries?
Why would he begin to love you?

And this can only go on because we Africans have bought into this fallacy, lie, assumption and illusion!
Because our minds are still enslaved. The chains have left our hands but still haven't left our minds!ª That is the problem and it all boils down to the foreign religions, gods they have given us, the main tools of our slavery! We still blindly assume that our enemy overnight has become a saint, a friend, an adviser, and a helper. How foolish we have been!!

Let us see the tables turn for 500years, then we would also preach forgiveness. Let's keep enslaving, exploiting, murdering, and killing their kind and they keep praying, I'd even give them the Yoruba gods to worship - Give me that power and time and the world shall worship the Yoruba deities as well, It's no rocket science, I understand the world, hence I know how these things work!That all would be nice for a change wouldn't it?

Being hateful?
Well, those are wishes, SOME ALREADY DID IT AND STILL DOING IT! Tell them about hate and not me!
Tell them about hate while they still live off the resources their hateful campaigns have brought them globally while the talk of peace from the other end of their mouth! 
This is just absurd to say the least! And it's just a sad tale that you for some reason as Africans , sadly the majority have fallen for this gimmick and you would do anything to defend your masters as the Pet Negroes that you have reduced yourselves to become!Put down your chants and clamour for love, peace, forgiveness, tolerance etc. Sweet as those words sound, none surpass EQUALITY! and all just become illusions, unreachable goals, mirages as long as all players are not equal, as long as the field is still slanted in favour of some.Love, peace, forgiveness, tolerance etc won't stop the oppressor from oppressing the oppressed. It's just another way of painting crimes with a beautiful brush! Giving and hiding a horrendous crime under a colourful soothing name and taking attention from the main focus - EQUALITY!!

And the ignorant assumption that we are all equal simply because some people- the same oppressors, say so is just insane! 

We need to get over this level of ignorance as our lives and futures are at stake!Your enemies and master NEVER want you to be equal to them. NEVER, no master or enemy wants that because, they know that once equality is achieved, you would seek justice for their crimes against you. You would do unto them as they have done unto you!Wake up Black Race! Wake up AFRICA! No one would save you but yourselves!!

by Teekay Akin
( Akin Adeseye)- 

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