U-N-B-E-L-I-E-V-A-B-L-E! Nigerian Unity Schools Cut Off Mark

Nigerian Unity Schools Cut Off Mark
Anambra state -139, Yobe state - 2, Taraba state - 3, Zamfara state - 2, Sokoto - 9, Kebbi state - 9, Osun state -127......
The trend which is gradually becoming a permanent fixture in Nigeria, in which Northern states are allotted very low cut-off marks for entrance into Federal Unity Colleges, while those in the South are allotted higher cut-off marks continues in 2013, as the Federal Ministry of Education’s documents on the cut-off marks for the various reveals.
Whereas, a pupil from Anambra irrespective of gender is expected to score at least 139 to gain admission into the schools, a male pupil from Yobe and a female from Zamfara is required to score only 2. Students who score above the cut-off are automatically eligible for admission on merit.
The Education ministry advised parents to check the results of their wards which have been posted on notice board of all Unity Colleges throughout the Federation.
Below is the full list of the cut-off marks for all 36 states of the federation, as well as the FCT.
Abia – Male(130) Female(130)
Adamawa – Male(62) Female(62)
Akwa-Ibom – Male(123) Female(123)
Anambra – Male(139) Female(139)
Bauchi – Male(35) Female(35)
Bayelsa – Male(72) Female(72)
Benue – Male(111) Female(111)
Borno – Male(45) Female(45)
Cross-Rivers – Male(97) Female(97)
Delta – Male(131) Female(131)
Ebonyi – Male(112) Female(112)
Edo – Male(127) Female(127)
Ekiti – Male(119) Female(119)
Enugu – Male(134) Female(134)
Gombe – Male(58) Female(58)
Imo – Male(138) Female(138)
Jigawa – Male(44) Female(44)
Kaduna – Male(91) Female (91)
Kano – Male(67) Female(67)
Kastina – Male(60) Female(60)
Kebbi – Male(9) Female(20)
Kogi – Male(119) Female(119)
Kwara – Male(123) Female(123)
Lagos – Male(133) Female(133)
Nassarawa – Male(58) Female(58)
Niger – Male(93) Female(93)
Ogun – Male(131) Female(131)
Ondo – Male(126) Female(126)
Osun – Male(127) Female(127)
Oyo – Male(127) Female(127)
Plateau – Male(97) Female(97)
Rivers – Male(118) Female(118)
Sokoto – Male(9) Female(13)
Taraba – Male(3) Female(11)
Yobe – Male(2) Female(27)
Zamfara – Male(4) Female(2)
FCT Abuja – Male(90) Female(90)

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