If you are not a well-disciplined man, you might find it difficult to retain your civilized character.

If you are not a well-disciplined man, you might find it difficult to retain your civilized character. I'm a typical Nigerian man, But Nigerians are too rough and rascal. Of course character is like a flame you can't hide it. If you are a civilized man it will definitely show you' but when you a hypocrite you will surely lose guide and your ass will be opened. The character and attitude of my dearly Nigerians are so artistic. when a Nigeria or Nigerians are in the group of westerner either in the open or private they seem to behave respectfully and civilized, but situation not the same when Nigerian sees Nigerians or are around themselves they seem to be a very aggressive, arrogant, less educated, unmoral and uncivilized. You may think that I have felt biased but my collective experience has justified that I do not complain on assumption or try to prejudice. Boarding A flight from KLIA to Abul Dhabi international airport was peaceful and hassles free with mix of different race; everyone was so mentally balanced, noiseless and well behaved. But transit at Dubai changed the face and condition of everything, I could not believe what I saw among Nigerians more than 3 scene in different group at different environment. The first one was the Pushing and running inside airport for no reason, this people were yelling, pushing one another down to the floor. Trust me it was worse than the one you experience at Bus Junction here in Lagos. 
The Second scene began five minutes to depart from Dubai; suddenly a very loud and unpleasant voice came with physical confrontation which lasted for 10 minutes if not for the help
of the Pilot who came out to caution these fighters it could be worse than what had been thinking. 
The third one was when the Plane landed at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, a Nigeria man went on with a very big argument with a flight attendant which provoked the man. It was a night of drama full of madness. It wasn't encouraging and totally inhuman.
So my question is that why rushing and pushing one another? Since the Plane is not going to depart in the next 3hr. These scenes sought the attention of non-Nigerians and airport officials it was an eyesore. One of our brother shared his experience while on his way back home 3day ago from diaspora namely Malaysia,Please kindly send us your own experiences so we can share it among ourselves may be this way our people can learn how to compose themselves at every point of time!Please share along with us,Thanking respectively
By Gneral Thoughtful

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