Riot has broken out between

Riot has broken out between the Hausa traders staged at the head bridge in Onitsha and the Igbo residents.

Unofficial State Security Services [SSS] report have it that 4 persons have been killed in the fight.

According to available information, the fight started at 1:30pm following a misunderstanding between the police stationed at the head bridge and one of the commercial bus drivers operating at the head bridge. The police was said to have been hitting the driver’s bus with his AK47 riffle – and it then got stuck in the bus. As the police officer struggled to retrieve his riffle, the driver of the bus pulled away with his vehicle dragging the police officer in the process. The police officer’s partner, upon sighting his partner being dragged, fired his riffle and shot the driver dead instantly.

The officers were northerners and the driver was an Igbo man.

The bridge head area immediately, turned deadly. The Igbo drivers and traders became angry and began attacking the police stations within the environs. They also targeted their anger at the Hausa traders trading at “Abatoir” – stating that since the Hausa peple have been killing the south easterners in north – that they remained calm – but today they are seeking revenge.

According to an SSS officer staged in Onitsha, the military and the police has reacted to dispatch anti-riot squad to the head bridge area to stop the riot. The SSS added however that as at 2:30pm that the security men have not been able to stop the rioting.

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